The Right Commercial Insurance Policy for Any Business

Commercial insurance coverage and the service to make it work for your business.

At Peebles Insurance we understand that any agent can provide insurance coverage. We feel that is not enough, so we go beyond just providing coverage. We provide the service to make it work for your business. We provide all major coverages as well as many specialty insurance policies. We offer commercial insurance coverages for needs such as group health insurance, general liability, workers compensation, general liability, oil & gas insurance, professional liability, nursing home insurance, and wholesalers insurance just to name a few. Most commercial insurance coverages can be purchased individually, but a good insurance program needs to be designed for your specific risks by an agent who understands your business. Call us about any question that you might have about your business insurance needs.

From insuring a fleet of 100+ vehicles, to a metalworking operation, to  protecting employees in the office or traveling abroad, we have the solution for your company. Many of our products include features that are missing or expressly excluded from typical industry policies. We work for you.


Commercial Auto

Virtually every business has some Automobile Insurance exposure. If the business owns cars or trucks it has the potential to suffer loss from the Physical Damage of the vehicles. But even if your business does not own vehicles it has exposure for the liability of accidents of employees while driving a rental car or personal car on company business. Commercial auto insurance is a must to help protect your company from the many risks that face business today.

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General Liability

General liability insurance protects business from the risk of being held legally liable for negligence to others. It covers bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and advertising injury. General liability insurance covers both legal costs and payouts for which the policyholder would normally be held responsible. It includes products liability for manufacturers and distributors and completed operations of a contractor.

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Workers Compensation

The North Carolina Workers Compensation system is the method by which covered workers are compensated for work-related injuries or illnesses. An employer's insurance company, self-insurance group with a certificate of approval, or an individual employer with a certificate of authority to self-insure pays benefits for work-related injuries, even if the injured worker’s negligence contributed to the accident.

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